Making New Friends

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not tired right now but I will be later.


gotta say I thought this page would turn out worse than it did. i've been trying to relax and not rush myself so much so I can keep der pages coming. this is probably another really expressive panel but not the most one ive ever done. nothing interesting happening this week other than been taking care of car stuff and my basil and mint plants. i'm feeling better now about the future updates and i feel like i can keep cranking out even on thanks giving. thank you all for you patronage and i hope to have your continued support in the future. ta taaa! )

Comic transcript

Naru: Well it's not like she is god! I've told you before I just need to mend some old relationships and make some new ones covertly. That way I have a suffiecient defense for her bullshit. Natasha: you sure you're not wanting to date him? Naru: Idunno actually. maybe. Natasha: Oh man you really have gone crazy. you know if Karen F- Naru: Are you going to help me or not?