Awkard Wait

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as of this post i'm currently working AFAP (as fast as possible) on the coloring and getting a new penciled page prepped for next week. battling tonsillitis working 2 jobs and getting more skills. next year i'll be employing completely new tech for the website, and hopefully it will be so good that other webcomic artists will use it. grawlix is pretty good but. we can still trim some fat here and there, and squeeze out some more perf. this page has been in a month coming and i've had to really prioritize my relationships with people. this is one of my favorite parts in the story and although i am more busy than i was before, i'm going to try and do it lol.

Comic transcript

BEEEP! tim shuts his book. naru is holding up the line waiting for Tim to catch up. Excuse me a girl says passing naru. she walks out into the hallway and Tim walks out behind her. he is currently spacing out on the Std poster to the left.